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Looking for a relatively cheap and inexpensive wedding favor?  You want something that is low cost without sacrificing quality.  After all, who wants to look cheap at their own wedding?  I’ve got some wedding favors for you. There are a few really great places for cost conscious couples to find cheap wedding favors online.  The first is a place called Wrap with us.  This place has a lot of tastefully low priced favors that could fit just about any wedding theme.  You will notice that they like to add a lot of little ribbons to their gifts.  I recommend them.  You can even buy the ribbon there if you want to make the favors yourself.  They are the first place you should think about when shopping for favors whether it is for the reception or bridal shower. Another great place and the place that we chose to get our wedding favors from is a place called Discount dollar-signMugs.  They are by far the least expensive place to buy personalized glassware like shot glasses in bulk.  We ordered shot glasses for our wedding reception tables.  They handled everything perfectly and it cost a lot less than many of our alternative choices.  They even offer express shipping for you last minute shoppers. Quality favors do not cost a fortune.  In fact the vast majority of wedding favor choices cost under a dollar per gift.  Some are priced as low as 25 cents with a huge selection falling right around the $0.50 – $0.60 range.  Depending on how many people will attend your reception, the total amount of money you will need to spend on favors is going to be pretty small compared to the costs involved with the rest of the wedding.

What kinds of favors can you buy really cheap?

  • You can buy little personalized wedding favor ribbons for favors that you make yourself.
  • You could purchase little picture frames for under a buck a piece.
  • You could buy little votive candles or candle holders that are engraved.
  • Shot glasses start at around $0.30 depending on how fancy you want to get.
  • There are a variety of inexpensive beach themed wedding favor ideas that you could choose from.
  • Mint tins are relatively inexpensive.
  • There are low cost card holders available that could be used as favors.
  • Wildflower seeds are something a little different and also low cost.
  • Individual rare teabags or coffee bags can be purchased at a low price.

What kinds of favors could you get for less than two dollars each?

Champagne-flutesThere are a million different ideas you could come up with for wedding favors in the two dollar price range.  The best thing to do is to look for something that reflects the theme of the wedding or else the personality of the two love birds.  If you want something edible, you could purchase individualized Hershey chocolate bars where the wrapper has your names, the date and a special saying on it.
  • Wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, beer mugs, brandy snifters and coffee mugs all fall within the one dollar to two dollar price range.   They come personalized with a saying or phrase if the couple wants to add one.
  • Wine bottle stoppers are in the just over a dollar price range.  They are classy.
  • Slightly larger and nicer scented candles are an option for under two bucks.
  • Corkscrews, bottle openers and other bar ware are available in that price range.
  • You may decide you want to give practical gifts like letter openers, salt and pepper shakers, candy jars or even personalized pens to your guests.
  • If it is a winter wedding you can choose to give away Christmas ornaments or some little crafty trinket to use as a holiday decoration.
  • There are a million different things you can get for just a couple bucks.
Remember that if you are throwing a large wedding where you will be purchasing hundreds of favors, you are more likely to get a bigger discount due to your volume.  Always ask for a volume discount. Many of the places that sell wedding favors have a clearance section that you might be able to find a real bargain in.  There are bargains to be had if you do enough shopping.  Check out your local discount stores as well.  Some of those discount store chains have things that would be appropriate for use as a wedding favor. There are plenty of ideas for classy favors that your guests will be glad to keep around their homes for many years.  If you are looking to make something that is both cost effective that has a personal touch then maybe you want to think about producing some homemade wedding favors.  Then you get a relatively low expense while still providing something special at the same time.  Pick up some of those personalized bows to tag them with. ]]>
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