Choosing Wedding Colors For Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year to walk down the aisle. Everything in nature is changing to a beautiful new scene. Centering your wedding around these changes can provide a classy and elegant look. One of the most important things you will do before your wedding is choose the colors that will represent you and your fiancé.

                One way to use fall colors at your wedding is to choose two colors such as brown and orange. At first, you may not think that these are very attractive colors, but when used tastefully they can complement each other, your decorations, and your wedding favors. Try using a rich brown shade for the table cloths as your main color. Against the brown, using a light orange, burnt orange, yellow, or gold will look beautiful.

                If you are thinking of going multicolored, again you have many choices of color combinations. You can opt for a tri-color theme, such as green, gold, and orange. Or maybe you want four or five colors in your wedding décor. Any dark colors such as hunter green, maroon, navy blue, or deep yellow can bring to mind falling leaves and cooler weather.

                Some unique wedding favors come in both silver and gold, both of which may work for a fall wedding. However, if your wedding is pre-Thanksgiving you may want to use gold, as silver is often associated with Christmas decorations. Another great way to use your colors is by stringing paper lanterns (which can be used for wedding favors) along your tables or the arbor under which you will be united. These days, you can find almost any variety of stringed lights which would create ambient lighting especially for a wedding taking place in the evening.

                Wedding dress colors are very important, and you should decide on just one or two. Most dresses are white, but some are also ivory, peach, lavender, and yellow. A beautiful choice on a white dress is crimson stitching, beads, and ribbons. Crimson is a deep red, and absolutely beautiful on a fine white wedding dress. Ivory is also a nice backdrop for crimson or hunter green.             

                For a vintage feel, go ivory with your dress and have your groom dress in a brown three-piece suit. These are classic throwback colors and your wedding would look like a sepia photograph. Take beautifully turned leaves from maple or oak trees and lace them in a tiara to wear at your wedding.

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