What did you and your spouse give as wedding favors?

I thought it might be helpful to people if those of us who are married would share what we gave away as wedding favors. I thought it might help other couples who are still looking for ideas and trying to decide on the best one. Please also tell us why you chose that particular wedding favor instead of something else.

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  1. Jen says:

    We decided to give M&Ms with our initials and wedding date to our guests as something fun they could all enjoy there or at home. We also had golf balls for our male guests with our initials and date on them. For our female guests we had silver bracelets.

  2. Daniel says:

    We married in a church. Since my girl friend is fond of jewelry, I presented her a diamond necklace and she presented me a beautiful painting and music player.

    • Jennifer says:


      Thanks for contributing, but I was asking about wedding favors not wedding presents. The favors are the little (typically inexpensive) gifts that couples give away to the people who attend their wedding reception. Sometimes they are edible. Sometimes it is a little trinket of some kind to remember the wedding by.

  3. Vincent B. says:

    We decided, since we were wed at the beach, to give away a little tulle packet of seaglass and smooth rocks. These were placed in a white oyster shell that had our names inscribed in them. Everyone loved them.

  4. Christine B. says:

    We wrapped up little pieces of beach seaglass and a smooth rock in some white tulle. These were given out in little shell dishes that we had our names inscribed on.

  5. Marie says:

    We went cheap but thoughtful–we had goodie bags filled with Hershey Kisses, Text Heart Candies, Taco Bell Sauces (inside joke!), bubbles, kazoos (another inside joke!), and disposable cameras. Our friends enjoyed. : )

  6. Marie Lutz says:

    My husband is a pastry chef and we gave away heart shaped measuring spoons.

  7. Tam says:

    We gave a spoon full of Hershey Kisses wrapped in pretty silver paper with a label “Here’s a spoon full of kisses from the Mr. and the Mrs.” We chose this gift because it was economical and was typical of our personality.

  8. Aurora says:

    My husband and I had stemless wine glasses as wedding favors. They were very pretty and could double as candle holders for those who did not drink.

  9. Ted says:

    We gave away shot glasses with our names and the wedding date engraved in them. My wife and I are well known party lovers. The shot glasses seemed to fit rather nicely with our perceived image. I love collecting shot glasses and I know other guys like to as well. To this day, we still see people bring the ones we gave them out at parties when there is heavy drinking involved. It is a cool feeling and brings back fond memories.

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