Unusual Wedding Favors

Are you looking for something different, rare, weird, interesting or unique for your wedding? Do you want to really surprise people with your uncommon ideas of decorations, food, and uniquely unusual wedding favors?  There is a variety of ways you can achieve this by knowing how, where, and what to include in your wedding reception to give guest something interesting to associate with your wedding.  Just think outside of the box and you’ll have one of the most unique and interesting weddings  your guests have ever seen. Card holders are a must for wedding favors, but instead of plain card holders with little character, try piano card holders as an unusual wedding favor. What could be cuter than miniature baby grand pianos alongside each guest’s place at the table? When they take these home, your family and friends will think back and always remember those little rare touches that you put on the reception. Having a beach themed wedding? Opt for card holders in the form of photo-holding beach chairs. They bring a whimsical feel to the table so your guests can relax and enjoy your wedding reception. Another great beach wedding favor is seashell bookmarks, which are much more festive than traditional bookmark wedding favors. Have cocktails served with slices of orange, lemon, and lime to match your beach-themed unusual wedding favors. You might consider giving to a charitable organization.  Some charities like the Special Olympics offer to send you cards for the reception tables that are stamped with the Special Olympics logo.  You can show your guests that you are a charitable couple.  Two other places you can shop for them would be My Wedding Favors or Discount mugs.  Both of those sites also offer a lot of odd wedding favor choices to browse through. For another unusual wedding favor, top your guest’s wine glasses with vellum shades to give the impression of tiny lamps on the table. It will add wine-glass-vellum-favorclass and also offer sanitary protection. Take a step further, and hand-write each guest’s name on the vellum shades. Easily removable, your guests will love these weird wedding favors. Sand-art is a creative and unusual wedding favor that can be given out at most any type of wedding. There are various colors and bottle shapes to use for giving sand art. Even if your wedding is classic black and white, you can use bottles layered with gray, white, and black. To make these unusual wedding favors even more interesting and unique, use a fun-shaped cork to top them. Also, consider purchasing different shaped bottles such as rectangular, round, and wavy. All materials can be found at most craft stores. More rare and interesting wedding favors for a variety of wedding themes include popsicle soaps, love rulers, ceramic honey pots, champagne bucket timers, dove-shaped chrome bottle opener, olive oil or “love oil” glass bottles, “two peas in a pod” candle holders,  “two peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers, heart-shaped whisks, leather stiletto key chains, and butterfly bottle stoppers.  People always seem to remember the unusual, interesting and unique things about a wedding.  So what if they think you are a little strange and abnormal?  You probably are.
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