Wedding Candle Decorations and Favors

weddingcandleLooking for the ultimate way to class up your wedding reception decor?  Flickering candles make beautiful additions to wedding reception tables. They can be used many different ways, all of which look beautiful next to floral arrangements and crystal or ceramic platters. Wedding decorations are a reflection of the uniting couple’s careful and tasteful planning. Choosing to use candles make the planning look as though it took months, but really is a quite easy and simple decision.

For true elegance at your wedding, opt for long, slender candlesticks. For a pulled-together look, go for just one or two colors. Maroon and white candles in silver or chrome candle holders make great winter wedding decorations. Candle holders can be found in almost any design, ranging from safari to angels. To keep it simple, use just one type of candle holder.

Candles are a great cost-effective way to include cozy and warm lighting at your wedding reception. If you plan to use a union candle in the ceremony, carry over the candle theme to the reception. Candles have been around for hundreds of years, and still serve great purposes not only for light but for beauty as well.

If you invest in candle holders for your wedding, keep in mind that your children may someday choose to use them in their wedding. These decorations could become heirlooms, handed down generation to generation. Candle sticks would promise to be a great part of your family’s history and belongings.

There are candle wedding favors for virtually any wedding theme. Candles can be used year-round as wedding favors because there are so many varieties for all four seasons and all other themes in between. Candles are very common wedding favors, and are also practical favors for your guests to take home.

One of the easiest themes to use candles for is the garden theme. The garden theme mostly consists of flowers and flower bouquets, and some couples may get stuck being creative with their decorations. Candles provide a way to keep with the flower theme by choosing candles in the shape of their projected flower choices. Flower-shaped candles make great decorations  as wedding favors on reception tables, floating in water, and placed among the reception food as  eye-candy.