Wedding Favors Ideas

Welcome to Classy Favors, your website for classy wedding favors ideas.  We created this website for people planning a wedding.  We wanted to help those soon to be newlyweds pick out the favors that they intend to use for the wedding reception, the bridal shower or any other function related to that happy day. Do a little searching around here and you are bound to come up with some great ideas for reception favors to help make your wedding day extra special.  Three other great sources of wedding favor ideas online are Discount Mugs, Favor Warehouse and My Wedding Favors.  All three of them offer a huge assortment of suggestions and themes. Some people choose to go with one of the more popular and traditional wedding favor ideas.  Others will go with something that reflects the personality of the couple or maybe one of their professions or even a favorite hobby.   Put a little thought into it and you will certainly choose something perfectly fitting for your theme and tastes.

Popular Wedding Favor Ideas

Personalized M&Ms – You can buy those little M & M candies personalized for your particular wedding. How cool is that?glassware Jordan Almonds – These are very popular at weddings especially Italian wedding receptions. They are the little white candy covered almonds that are wrapped in netting. Glassware - Glassware of all different types is popular for wedding reception favors. From wine glasses and champagne flutes to personalized family name beer glasses, all of them are popular. Candles - Candles of various sizes and types are popular wedding favors also. Small votive candles are good ideas as are small candles inside of a personalized glass holder.

Wedding Favor Ideas For Party Animals

Shotglasses – You can get personalized shot glasses from places like They make great keepsakes for all your party animal friends to remember your special day. You’ll keep seeing them when you go to parties at your friends homes. Champagne – You can have some labels printed with your wedding date and your names. Everyone gets to take one home and have a little toast on their next special occasion. Personalized Bottles of Wine – Just like the Champagne you could have specially bottled wine to give to your guests that has the date of the wedding and your names imprinted on it. beer-mugBeer mugs- If you guys are known for your heavy beer consumption, then an appropriate wedding favor would be a beer mug engraved with a special message. This whole site is really designed to help you make a decision on which bridal favors to have at the reception or shower for your guests. If you are Irish you will find some great suggestions for Irish wedding favors. Budget conscious shoppers can find a list of cheap wedding favors on another page. If you are looking for some rather unusual wedding favors, we’ve got a list for those here as well. There is even a section dedicated to people who want to provide their own special homemade wedding favors for the party guests. If you want more hands on help picking out reception favors or deciding between several different bridal favors then feel free to contact one of us.  We would be more than happy to assist you.  Hopefully with all the different wedding favor ideas here on our site, you will be able to come up with something really nice that fits your budget and your style. Thanks for visiting.
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